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While we are all getting ready for winter, I wonder how many of us think about what our friendly bees are doing just now….

Well, like us they are preparing for winter too. The honey bee’s plan, unlike other species of bee, is to keep awake through the colder months. They surround the Queen Bee and use movement and honey reserves to generate heat. On warmer days they can leave the hive but on the very coldest days they “shiver” and rotate round – the bees move round so no bees get too cold.

Beekeepers can help by ensuring that reserves of honey are kept stocked up, but generally honey bees are well prepared to survive the winter.

We’re so pleased by the response to our Beeswax Food Wraps. More and more people are realising that use of cling film is really damaging to the environment, and Finlay Bee Beeswax Food Wraps are an excellent way to reduce the number of times you use clingfilm. A few people have asked about our production methods – these wraps aren’t made in the UK for a number of reasons. The main reasons we didn’t want to make our own is for reasons of quality and scale. We are not beekeepers ourselves and we looked to the large beekeeping countries for suppliers who are ethical and stick to high standards of welfare for both bees and humans! We chose a wonderful supplier in China because they shared our approach to welfare and quality. We were lucky to visit China a few years back and we were struck by the difference between the stories we hear back home, and the reality of China. So we are very happy to have developed this excellent relationship between such a good supplier and ourselves.

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